Science Fair

Science Fair 2016

The 2016 IUSD District Science Fair Results are in! And a big round of applause to the following Lakeside students who are moving on to compete at the County level!

Ashley Chang

Red Ribbon

Watt Are You Doing Today: Does the Color of Light Affect How Much Energy a Solar Panel Generates?

Dylan Macintosh & Alec Webster

Red Ribbon

Aquatic Plant Oxygen and Oil: How Does Oil Affect the Amount of Oxygen Produced from an Aquatic Plant?

Kayden Lea &

Aryan Mathur

Red Ribbon

Study of Level of Bacterial Contamination in Irvine Water Bodies

Allysa Hayden &

Maddie Knutson

Red Ribbon

The Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony

Sarah Chen

Blue Ribbon

What Type of Material Slows Down Wifi Speed

Justine Sato

Blue Ribbon

Increasing Biofuel Yields Using Enzymes in a Low Temperature and Low Frequency Ultrasonic Process

And please join us in a big round of applause for our students who competed at the District level and received an Honorable Mention!

Ben Debeusscher, Yval Michael, Sara Oldham, Payton Schwengel, Emil Veideman, Lauren Chong & Madison Lee & Megan Lu, Omri Atias & Idan Vardi & Jonathan Dagan, Sofia Leyerle & Malaya Glezos


Sarah Chen Justine 2 ruby's 2
Eyewitness Testimony Dylan and Alec Aryan and Kayden
Sarah Chen