Irvine Junior Games

Irvine Junior Games – 2015

Lakeside Results

On Sunday, May 17th, 2015, our Lakeside student-athletes competed at Irvine Stadium in the 28th annual Irvine Junior Games. We had 50 athletes and Lakeside managed to garner medals in each track and field discipline. Mariners earned twenty-seven medals, including TWO meet record performances! Our kids tallied the following individual medals: 7 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. In addition, one of our relay teams won gold, one won silver, and one won bronze adding another 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals for an overall medal count of 11 golds, 6 silvers and 10 bronzes.

Special mention goes out to our meet record breakers Maddie Lyon and Milana Malec. Maddie launched an epic running long jump for 16’ 5”, shattering the old record by over a foot. Milana had an incredible day. She started off by singing the National Anthem to kick off the event. It was probably the best rendition that we have heard in a decade. She then proceeded to crush the meet record in the 800M by over 9 seconds. She won another gold in the 400M, narrowly missing a second meet record. She finished the day anchoring our relay team with an incredibly gutsy performance. The girls were on their way to a meet record, but they dropped the baton. Rather than give up, Milana hunted down the baton and fought hard to the finish, beating one of the other teams and almost nabbing a silver. They were highly disappointed in the result, since they had a gold medal in the bag before the drop, but it was worthy of praise that they didn’t give up after the drop.

Below is a list of Lakeside medalists from the event. Congratulations to all!

7th Grade Girls Medalists

400M – Minami Creamer (Bronze)

1500M – Jayla Land (Silver)

Long Jump – Maddie Lyon (Gold and new Meet Record), Minami Creamer (Bronze)

Basketball – Rhyan Pitts (Gold)

Relay – GOLD

7th Grade Boys Medalists

1500M – Kyle Cadavona (Bronze)

Relay – SILVER

8th Grade Girls Medalists

100M – Simran Malhotra (Gold)

400M – Milana Malec (Gold)

800M – Milana Malec (Gold) NEW MEET RECORD

1500M – Samantha Bryant (Bronze)

Long Jump – Simran Malhotra (Silver), Kaitlyn Lim (Bronze)

Soccer Kick – Molly Rempel (Gold)

Relay – BRONZE

8th Grade Boys Medalists

800M – Alejandro Ortiz (Bronze)

Long Jump – Titan Ruotolo (Gold)


It was a great day out on the track!

-Coach Singhi and Coach Glasgow

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