Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions

Are you hiring people for teaching positions who do not have credentials but possess at least a Bachelor's Degree and have taken and passed the CBEST?
IUSD only hires teachers for regular teaching positions who possess or qualify for a California teaching credential. If the pool of candidates for substitute teaching positions were to become depleted of valid credential holders, we would possibly then look at hiring, as substitute teachers, those with a Bachelor's Degree who have passed the CBEST - but only on an "as needed" basis.

Does Irvine accept Intern teachers?
We have no current agreements with the local colleges and universities to sponsor intern teachers for the coming school year.

Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 (AB 1522)

Paid Sick Leave- Frequently Asked Questions

November 2015

What are the new leave benefits?

1. What is the Healthy Workplaces sick leave benefit?

As of the 2015-16 school year, the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 provides up to twenty-four hours annually of paid sick leave to non-exempt workers in Irvine Unified School District who do not earn paid sick leave under collective bargaining agreements as members of the Irvine Teacher Association or California School Employees Association Chapter # 517. Some IUSD employees who previously did not have a sick leave benefit now qualify for a sick leave benefit.

2. Who can get this sick leave in Irvine Unified School District?

This new sick leave benefit applies to the following: substitute teachers, substitute custodians, substitute instructional assistants, substitute food service workers, COTAs, and some short-term employees. It does not apply to retirees in the CalSTRS or CalPERS system and other workers who do not meet a wage threshold.

3. When can I use this leave?

If you need to miss work due to covered absences, you can request sick leave payment if you have accrued enough benefit at the time of the absence.

This leave may be used for absences due to illness of self or family members. You do not have to request a substitute for your services. Just request the leave at the time of absence.

4. How much leave do I get?

The benefit is accumulated as follows, per California Labor Code, section 246(a):

  • One hour of paid sick leave is accrued for every thirty (30) hours worked in a calendar year.
  • The maximum accrual in one year is (24) hours, or three (3) eight-hour work days.

5. When is the leave made available to me?

  • The employee must work at least 30 separate and distinct days in a calendar year to earn the benefit.
  • The paid leave may not be used until the 90th day of employment.
    • Employees hired on or before July 1, 2015, may begin using leave right away if they have met the 30 days of work criteria.
    • Employees hired after July 1, 2015 may begin using sick leave on their 90th day of employment, if they have met the 30 days of work criteria.
  • The employee must have 60 hours accumulated before he/she can use the leave.

6. How much leave can I take at a time?

Leave can be used in a minimum of two (2) hour increments and a maximum of twenty four (24) hour increments.

7. How will I be paid for leave?

Once you request the leave, the paid hours will show on your pay warrant in the next pay cycle.

8. How much will I be paid for use of my sick leave?

You will be paid at your hourly rate. For substitute teachers, we will divide the daily substitute rate by eight (8) to get the hourly rate. If you work more than one job in which you accumulate leave, you will be paid an average of your hourly rate.

9. What happens if I don’t use all of my sick leave in a year?

Unused balances will carry over into a subsequent year but is capped at a maximum of forty-eight hours.

10. What happens to my unused balance of sick leave if I leave the district or get a regular job in the district?

If an employee leaves the district or gets another job in the district that has different leave benefits, the leave is banked for one year in case the employee returns to a former position. It is not “cashed out” upon separation. It cannot be added to other leaves earned in the district.

11. I work in more than one school district. Can I combine or transfer hours of paid sick leave?

No. If you work or substitute teach in multiple districts, you will accrue hours to count towards paid sick leave in each district, but those hours are not transferable between districts.

How do I use the new leave benefit?

12. How do I track and use my sick leave in Irvine Unified School District?

Substitutes can track and request use of paid sick via our AESOP system (directions below) at

*As substitute teachers take half-day and full-day assignments, those hours accumulate in groups of four for a half-day and eight for a full day.

To use the leave, proceed as follows:

  • Log into AESOP using your user name and password.
  • Click on the Paid Sick Leave Balance  button
  • Create an absence on the day you are requesting the leave.
  • Choose the reason for the leave- this will be AB1522 Leave.
  • Choose the number of hours of leave you will use. You must have the corresponding balance of hours available to you.
  • Confirm the Absence.
  • You will be paid for those hours of sick leave on the next available pay warrant (check).

13. Do I have to request a substitute to cover for me in my absence?

No.  You do not have to request a substitute to fill in for you when you request leave.

14. Who do I contact if I have questions?

Human Resources staff can answer your questions at