Attendance Boundary Changes

In order to accommodate IUSD students, each residential area is assigned to a particular school at each grade level. An assigned school is obligated to serve first all the students from its assigned attendance area who wish to enroll there. Open enrollment, where seats are available, and Alternative Schools provide choices for students who wish to enroll in a school other than their assigned neighborhood school.

Annually, the Board considers changes to School Attendance Area Boundaries. Current Attendance Boundary maps are accessible on-line: Elementary, Middle School, High School. From those same links, assigned neighborhood schools can be determined upon entering the residential address.

Changes are held to a minimum, but are prompted by such factors as:

  • Declining enrollment in a given section of the district
  • New housing development in a given section of the district
  • Changes in capacity at a given school
  • Movement of special programs from one school to another
  • Alignment of elementary, middle, and high school areas
  • Home-to-school transportation distances

In all cases of boundary change, no student in 1st grade and beyond already enrolled in a school is asked to change schools. Incoming Kindergarten students affected by the boundary change who have already enrolled in a school are also not asked to change schools; however, those Kindergarten students will be subject to changing schools per the new boundary assignments in school year 2013-14. Sibling rule and open enrollment are still applicable for all proposed changes.


For the latest on the High School Attendance Boundary proposal, CLICK HERE .


Board Approved School Assignments:

2013-2014 Effective School Year

Development Name Elementary School Middle School High School
Cypress Village Canyon View Jeffrey Trail Irvine

Heritage Fields

(Pavilion Park)

Canyon View

Jeffrey Trail

Northwood (north of Irvine Blvd.)

Irvine (south of Irvine Blvd.)

Lambert Ranch Stonegate Jeffrey Trail Northwood
Portola Springs Stonegate Jeffrey Trail Northwood
Stonegate Stonegate Jeffrey Trail Northwood

Woodbury & Woodbury East

Woodbury (Year-round)

Jeffrey Trail Irvine

2014-2015 Effective School Year

Development Name Elementary School Middle School High School
Cypress Village

Cypress Village

Jeffrey Trail Irvine
Los Olivos Cypress Village Rancho San Joaquin University
Portola Springs Interim School: Westwood Jeffrey Trail Northwood