Eastshore Elementary School

April 3, 2015

Thank you to our families who so generously supported the annual Jog-A-Thon this year!  We earned just under $30,000 and appreciate your support and commitment to our students and our school more than you can imagine.

RIR RECIPIENTS:  Our First Friday Flag Fanfare was held this morning and we recognized the following students for demonstrating RIR.  These students were recognized individually in their classrooms as well as in front of the whole school at our flag ceremony.  Congratulations to all of these Eastshore Dolphins!


Cash Castaneda

Hyori Eu

Lucas Feng


Santosh Arasala

Jude Morris

Orion Bentley

Krithi Perabattuca

Gerett Mationg

Taishi Arai


Camila Orozco

Sophia Kim

Norah Pan-Abassy

Lana Phan

Michael Vasenko

Mikayla Aleman

Parker Bridges

Inban Kathiravan


Isha Pandit

Corey Nicholson

Noa Kim

Joaquin Rivera

Joshua Villagomez

Joshua Goldstone

David Ahmadpanah

Hannah Thayer

Jack Schwartz

Amina Farki

Daniel Ahmadpanah


Sienna Davis

Dria Lade

Tori Zebko

Joshua Jecusco

Harris Jones

Lacole Yang

Malavika Nair

Zayne Quon

Andrew Smith


Yana Sadiq

Karina Shah

Ella Romero

Austin Messer

Vivian Conrad

Tessa Stebinger

Sedaiah Sims

Adam Moughnieh

Ava Alexander

Naithan Rejive

Katelynn Tardy

Amit Vardi

Rin Hoshina

Aleksia Gadea


Eric Castillo

Joy Choi

Viet Nguyen

Sai Anish Kuppili

Christina Yue

Coca Ho

Lizzy Broten

Isaac Perez

Richard Feng

Ashley Cheng

Chris Chou

Jai Sharma

Olivia Alderson

Jayce Davidson

Isabelle Mathus

Antonio Moraru

Olivia Morin


Andrew Park

Alex Ochoa

Yanelly Mego

Lorenzo Merlino

Barbara Hill

Ava Leyerle

Amir Tanhei

Woojin Lee

Ashley Koo

Ira Chaturvedi

Justin Takiguchi

Justin Hashemi

IPSF UPDATE:  Please see the latest IPSF news attached to this email.

MATH PATHWAYS:  Hopefully you are, by now, well aware that IUSD has developed a new approach to mathematics instruction moving forward.  This affects all of our students but primarily the changes have taken place at the middle and high school levels.  Three parent education nights were held over the last couple of weeks to inform parents of the math pathways available to all students upon exiting 6th grade.  Each evening there was standing room only and parents asked important questions that the district team has been able to address through a Frequently Asked Questions document.  All presentation materials and information related to the math pathways can be found on the IUSD website (  Likewise, our sixth grade teachers are well informed and can answer specific questions related to their students.

This is an innovative approach to integrated mathematics which provides multiple opportunities for students to excel in math at different times during their educational progress.  Developmentally, instructionally and educationally, this shift makes great sense for our students.

PTA UPDATE:  April brings a Family Fun Night presented by our P.T.A.  The guest performer will be John Abrams who will do a magic show with live, exotic pets.  Expect a flyer to come home via email today and mark your calendar for Friday, April 17th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

FACILITIES UPDATE:  IUSD has elected to install a hedge row at the back property line of our school.  This installation will take place during the summer of 2015.  They will also install fencing between Portable classroom 1 and the wall at the front of the school to deter community members from walking behind the portable classrooms.  Additionally, plans are in process to install a Kindergarten playground this summer.  Some adjustments will be made to our playground to allow for this project. 

Thanks to our generous P.T.A., we will be purchasing moveable boundaries for the side of the school in front of the condos. 

Eastshore will have a new look in the fall!

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL WALK THROUGH:  Every year or two we invite our School Site Council members to conduct a walk-through of our school to see instruction and learning in action.  This year the walk-through will be held on April 21st and the focus will be the Common Core State Standards.  SSC members will be accompanied by classroom teachers and will be tasked with identifying practices and strategies they see in action.  This is a great opportunity for our community members to experience the learning that takes place at Eastshore every day.

SBAC TESTING:  As you know, our students in grades three through 6 will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment (otherwise known as SBAC) for the first time this year.  Our testing window officially opens on April 20th.  Each grade level will test over approximately seven days, starting with third grade and ending with sixth grade. 

We will continue to update you with suggestions and tips to help prepare your child for testing.  We anticipate our students will feel comfortable with the process because they participated in the field test last year and have been practicing for the past month.  Please feel free to send any questions to your child’s teacher and we will do our best to respond.

Please plan ahead and do not schedule dental or doctor’s appointments during your child’s assessment period.  It will be very challenging to administer make-up tests so we appreciate your efforts in making sure your child is at school during the testing window.

ACE CLASSES:  Afterschool Classroom Enrichment classes will resume after Spring break. Classes start on April 21.

Grades: 1-3 Time: 2:20-3:50 PM # of Meetings: 6 $154
Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO®! Imagine, build, and explore a world with your own two hands in a class designed by Play-Well instructors and inspired by the video game. Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building adventure; roll the dice to mine for resources, craft tools, and watch out for Creepers! Each class is 90 mins.

Grades: 1-3 Time: 2:20-3:20 PM # of Meetings: 5 NO CLASS: May 21 $100
Elementary drawing will teach basic to advanced drawing lessons, art techniques and vocabulary while expressing creativity in a positive environment. Young Rembrandts uses art to develop essential learning skills. This popular
program fills quickly - sign up today to ensure your spot. Materials included. New lessons every session!

See the attached flyer or contact for more information. Register online at www.ipsfacademy.orgbySunday, April 19.

We send best wishes for an enjoyable Spring Break!


  • Friday, April 3rd                               First Friday Flag Fanfare
  • April 6th-10th                                   Spring Break
  • Friday, April 17th                              Family Fun Night – 6:00-8:30 p.m.
  • Monday, April 20th                           SBAC testing begins
  • Tuesday, April 21st                           School Site Council Walk Through