Eastshore Elementary School News

October 17, 2016

Greetings Eastshore Parents!

October has been a busy month!  Thank you for sending your students to school wearing red on Monday to kick-off Red Ribbon Week!  The P.T.A. has some fun activities planned for the entire week and we hope our students will enjoy celebrating healthy living.

HARVEST CUP SOCCER TOURNAMENT:  Our boys and girls represented Eastshore very well this past weekend!  Thank you for your efforts and for making us so proud!  Thank you also to coaches Guillermo Licona and Don Burrus!

Boy’s Team

Mathieu Wloczysiak

Daichi Hiraoka

Nathan Gov

Ryder Tanger

Michele Covino

Arjun Dabir

Gabriel Panczuk

David Doberstein

Anikait Gupta

Amit Vardi

D.J. Kim

Tori Zebko

George Sanchez

Diego Miranda

Kaleb Golden

Ayden McKay
Henry Gourdine

Girl’s Team:

Marciana Land

Klara Bullock

Ruby Santana

Emily Saunders

Chloe Maddox

Ingrid Johnson

Ellse Chan

Charlotte Pham

Laila Nahas

Sedaiah Sims

Sienna Davis

Talia Nguyen

Ashley Yang

Dasha Levitzkiy

Angelina Cruz

Zayne Quon

Ilaria Covino

Teagan Burrus

Claire Sueyoshi

THE GREAT CALIFORNIA SHAKE-OUT: On Thursday, October20th, we will be participating in a state wide disaster drill.  All of our students will participate in a duck and cover exercise and then will vacate the building.  Our Emergency Preparedness teams will work through the procedures and protocols for their specific responsibilities.  The entire drill should take approximately 30 minutes.

Another disaster drill will be conducted in the spring and we will be asking for parents to volunteer at that time to help us practice.  These drills assist us in preparing for any kind of emergency at our school.  Eastshore maintains emergency supplies that are replenished and replaced annually.  Our staff is trained for their specific roles and our Emergency Preparedness Team works with the entire staff in providing support.

INTERNATIONAL NIGHT: Please join us this Friday, October 21st, for Eastshore’s Annual International Night.  This is a favorite event at our school where families bring food from around the world, representing our unique school community – it’s like a giant pot-luck!  There will be a fashion show for children who want to share traditional dress.  Please join us on the playground at 6:00 p.m.

PTA NEWS:  Congratulations to our P.T.A. for meeting the Pledge Drive Goal of $25,000!  Thank you to all families who participated (52% of our families) – this funding provides important support for our school and your children.  Even though the official pledge drive has ended, families are welcome to make a pledge at any time of the year.  Any amount is appreciated (pledges this year ranged from $9 - $500). 

Thank you also to the 272 parents who joined out PTA!  Your support of our school is greatly appreciatedJ!

Our annual Pancake Breakfast is coming soon!  Please mark your calendars for Friday, November 4th!  Please see the attachment for more information: Calling All Dads

The Reflections Contest has concluded!  We would like to recognize all the students who entered the contest and wish them the best of luck during the competition!

Primary Participants

  1. Audrey Doreck
  2. An Nguyen
  3. Madelyn Doreck
  4. Dennis Kim
  5. Meha Jena
  6. Aanya Mody
  7. Adam Przytulski
  8. Aida Liu

Intermediate Participants

  1. Trevor Cheng
  2. Kane Haffke
  3. Sofia Saunders
  4. Noor Andary
  5. Erin Han
  6. Madelein Chang
  7. Aashay Mody
  8. Jihoo Yoon
  9. Jason Kim
  10. Annya Chung
  11. Olivia Nelson
  12. Faria Sarker
  13. Nick Vatanshenas
  14. Prisha Ramasamy
  15. Jesse Le
  16. Rianne Ke
  17. Najia Sarker
  18. Sophie Nguyen
  19. Emily Saunders
  20. Linh Nguyen
  21. Logan Kammerer
  22. Mark Park
  23. Cassandra Chu
  24. Ava Diaz

Middle School Participants

  1. Aniyah Shen
  2. Erin Wang
  3. Ellie Chan
  4. Kacy Chung
  5. Rin Hoshina
  6. Zoey Sun
  7. Elora Sparnicht

FOOD DRIVE:  Thank you to all of our families who contributed to our canned food drive over the past two weeks.  We made towers of the contributed items in our media center which helped motivate many students to participate.  Tuesday is the final day to bring in goods.  Families Forward will pick up the donated items for their pantry to help families in need in our community.

ANNUAL IUSD SURVEY:  Our school district has adopted a plan to conduct an annual survey related to school climate and culture.  This data is very valuable in providing us with feedback from our parents, students and teachers.  We use the information to develop goals and action plans to improve our school and provide the best educational environment possible for our students. 

The survey window will be open from October 17th until November 20th.  Several reminders will be sent encouraging you to participate in the survey.  Likewise, all students in grades 3 through 6 will take the survey at school.  Our teaching staff will also participate.  We had a very small number of parents participate last year and would greatly appreciate your involvement this year.  Please click on the following link to access the survey:

HALLOWEEN PARADE:  Eastshore proudly announces the annual Halloween Parade!  Halloween falls on Monday, October 31st.   The parade will take place at 8:15 a.m. on the field.  Students are encouraged to wear costumes that represent positive characters, such as literary figures. We request that students wear their costumes over their clothing so they can easily remove the costume after the parade.  Students may wear masks during the parade but will need to remove them afterwards so that they are not interrupted or distracted during the instructional portion of the day.  Toy weapons or props promoting violence are also not allowed.  Please keep our dress code in mind (absolutely no face make-up) and be sure your child wears an appropriate costume for school.  If you have questions about a costume, please check with your child’s teacher. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Monday, October 31st is a minimum day and students will be dismissed at 1:20 and 1:29.


October 17-21                            Red Ribbon Week

Thursday, October 20               Great California Shake Out

Friday, October 21                    International Night

  • 6:00 p.m. on the playground

Monday, October 31                  Halloween Parade – 8:15 a.m. on the field

  • Minimum Day dismissal

Friday, November 4                   Pancake Breakfast

  • 7:00 a.m. on the playground

Friday, November 11                  Veteran’s Day – no school

Have a wonderful month and a safe and Happy Halloween!

P.S.  Please be sure to check the Eastshore website for current information about school happenings ( and the PTA website for up to date information on the pledge drive and upcoming events ( We also have a Facebook page – please check it out!