Eastshore Elementary School

September 2015

Dearest Eastshore Families,

We have had an outstanding start to school!  Thank you for attending Back to School Night last week.  Hopefully you were able to sign up for parent conferences coming up in October.  If not, please be sure to contact your child’s teacher to do so.

Pick up and drop off have been going very smoothly, thanks to your efforts!  Here are the guidelines again for reference.  We encourage parents to assist other parents in adhering to our policies.


  • Parents may not enter the parking lot at any time.  All parking spots are reserved for staff and even an empty spot may be filled later in the morning.
  • Parents of first through sixth graders may walk their children to the playground, stopping at the red lines.  Once your child has left for the playground, please leave the campus immediately.  Parents are welcome to stand on the sidewalk at the side of the school.
  • Please designate a place off campus to meet your child after school.  Parents may not enter the school premises to drop off or pick up students (except for TK and Kinder parents).
  • The field is closed to everyone except students and staff.  Please use the walk way at the side of the school to come to the school office.
  • Parents may not deliver or pick up instruments for students – the MPR is a student only zoneJ



It seems that we will be having many rainy days this year.  Parking lot procedures differ slightly on rainy days so please keep the following in mind:

  • Parents may turn into the parking lot to drop students off
  • Please pull in and loop to the left, pulling as far forward as you can (heading toward the park) to allow as many cars to drop off as possible
  • Please follow the same procedures for pick-up
  • Entry to the parking spaces is still prohibited to all but staff members
  • Students are to report directly to their classrooms when it is raining, or to the multi-purpose room if their teacher is not yet in the classroom

A reminder that students are not allowed on campus before 7:50 a.m.  Any students who arrive early will be directed to wait in the MPR and their parents will be called.  We do not have staff available to supervise students before 7:50 a.m.  Likewise students must be off campus by 2:40 p.m. on regular days and 1:40 p.m. on minimum days as we do not have staff to supervise them.

We have some special events coming up so please mark your calendars!


  • Welcome Back Decades Dance:  Friday, September 18th
      • Students may dress up in their favorite decades attire
        • Dress code rules must be adhered to:
          • No make-up
          • Appropriate lengths, widths, etc. required
          • Colored hair is not allowed
  • The Pledge Drive…
    • Is going on now!!!  This is one of only two fundraisers we hold for our school.  Please make your pledge and join the P.T.A. today!!


If you have not already done so, please complete the re-registration Data Confirmation, for each child attending Eastshore, online through your IUSD Parent Portal account.  Directions are attached and hard copies are available in the office.  It is important that all sections be completed and submitted by September 30th, 2015.

Please be sure to read all emails coming from the school.  It is our most effective means of communication and you will receive newsletters, notifications, messages from teachers and administration as well as notices from the district office at times.  Please also check our website regularly as we update information frequently – it is a great resource for school information! (www.iusd/

Attached you will find the latest news from the Irvine Public Schools Foundation.

Thank you again for your efforts to get us off and running!  We look forward to seeing you on Friday night – ready to rock and roll or disco or swing or...