Eastshore Elementary School

December 4, 2014

We hope all of our families enjoyed the week long Thanksgiving break. Students and staff came back ready for December! This is a busy three weeks and we encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of giving and BREATHE!!!

SPARK OF LOVE TOY DRIVE: Each year our staff participates in supporting the community during the holiday season. This year we are inviting our community to join us as we collect new, unwrapped toys to donate to the Spark of Love Toy Drive. Information about what to donate and when, will be sent home in this week’s Thursday conduits.

The Spark of Love Toy Drive is sponsored by the Orange County Fire Authority and ABC Channel 7. Communities all over Southern California are involved in this annual holiday tradition and we hope you will join us too!

YEARBOOK COVER CONTEST: So many of our talented artists submitted artwork for this year’s yearbook! It was a difficult task to select the winners and all students who followed the directions will have their artwork included in the yearbook. Congratulations and thank you to the following students for their participation and demonstration of Dolphin pride!!

1st place front cover

  • Isabella Yuan, Goheen

Runner up back covers

  • Rin Hoshina, Allen
  • Ashley Kao, Goheen
  • Celine Shafee, Tobenkin
  • Iris Shen, Gibson

Yearbook contestants will have art snapshots in the yearbook (note: 2 had no names but will be included):

  • Jayanth Pandit, Chiarini
  • Mia Rogers, Chiarini
  • Annie Miyadi, Goheen
  • Serapina Chung, Brooks
  • Amelia Penson, Durocher
  • Ethan Anderson, Brooks
  • Azalea Sevcik, Claybourn
  • Cassidy Berg, Claybourn
  • Bella Anderson, Durocher
  • Grace Jo, Leschke
  • Emily Saunders, Alexander
  • Eric Feng, Larios
  • Olivia Maguire, Durocher
  • Madisyn Cammack, Durocher
  • Ruby Clayton, Leschke
  • Miyoko Wright, Brooks
  • Sai Anish Kuppili, Tobenkin
  • Elora Sparnicht, Naramore
  • Julie Rubio, Lawrence
  • Sofia Saunders, McGrath
  • Siyah Cazier, Durocher
  • Katie Kim, Tobenkin
  • Jeffrey Meredith, Tobenkin
  • Isha Pandit, Lawrence
  • Dara Santana, Leschke
  • Kyrstyn Lehmann, Compton
  • Robert Ramirez, La
  • Prisha Ramasamy, Sumers
  • Carly Zhou, Goheen
  • Marcus Ramirez, Brooks
  • Maya Ueoku, Tobenkin
  • Yubin Kim, Compton
  • Kana Ueoku, Naramore
  • Malia Halvorsen, Storrs
  • Nicholas Oshefsky, Brooks
  • Lacole Yang, Larios
  • Hasini Garlapati, McGrath
  • Natalie Oshefsky, Gibson
  • Henry Clayton, Lawrence
  • Sophia Anderson, Tobenkin
  • Ashutosh Kandala, Tobenkin
  • Jasmine Letofsky, Larios

PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT-Title I and ELD: Parents of students who qualify as Title I students and/or who are English Language Learners are invited to attend an informational evening about both programs on Monday, December 15th. Staff will be sharing information about services provided to students who qualify for these programs. Please join us at 6:00 p.m. in the MPR on Monday, December 15th.

P.T.A. NEWS: The December PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 16th. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and IUSD’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) will be presented to parents. This is the new funding formula for public schools in California and requires input from all stakeholders each year. Please plan to attend this important P.T.A. meeting on Tuesday, December 16th at 6:30 p.m. in the MPR.

The P.T.A. is also conducting a Box Top Drive Contest now through December 19th. Please save and send in box top labels – it is an easy way for our school to earn money.

Eastshore Dines Out this month is planned for Wednesday, December 10th at Veggie Grill. Remember, when you show our flyer we earn a portion of the proceeds from each Eastshore sale!

IPSF UPDATE: Please find the latest IPSF Insights attached to this email.

DECEMBER RIR RECIPIENTS: The following students were recognized at our December First Friday Flag Fanfare for demonstrating respect, integrity and responsibility. Congratulations!!!


Allison Auchterlonie

Olivia Goffard

Daisy Ames

Shriya Varada


Lauren Eustermann

Lucy Phung

Addy Gossett

Laure Koopman

Ollie Cazier

Mason McGrath


Camille Roman

Natalie Lee

Andru Golden

Lukas Bullock

Rachel Chu

Aashish Adireddy

Diane Doberstein

Grayson Uram

Olivia Cochran

Lizkebe Umaru

Gabriella Camacho

Alex Kim


Bella Anderson

Luke Fahey

Layne Funston

Olivia Maguire

Francesca Mathus

Cassidy Berg

William Hua

Jihoo Yoon

Xander Baitx

Mari Galvey

Aydrien Garnica


Prisha Ramasamy

Momo Koide

Joshua Troung

Therese Gonzales

Ethan Nguyen

Audrey Reyes

Tanner Silber

Jasmine Letofsky

Priscilla Lee

Logan Kammerer

Celestine Chung


Kacy Chung

Kana Ueoku

Nathan Gov

Felix Xie

Jake Amundson

Erin Wang

Sakura Nakazawa

Avery Berkowitz

Ava Kopecky

Emmett Funston


Jeffrey Vang

Maya Barank

Ignacio Pita

Tanvi Kurane

Isabelle Tran

Eric Kim

Natasha Le

Celine Shafee

Ethan Lai


Ezekiel Kim

Callie Mintz-Hernandez

Lydia Ignatova

Matthew Oshefsky

Michael Costanza

Amy Shimizu

Christian Balistreri

Ethan Anderson

Jevaughn Burns


  • Friday, December 5th - First Friday Flag Fanfare
  • Wednesday, December 10th - Eastshore Dines Out – Veggie Grill
  • Monday, December 15th- Talent Show Screening-After School, MPR
  • Tuesday, December 16th - P.T.A. Meeting – 6:30 MPR
  • December 8th-19th Spark of Love Toy Drive
  • Friday, December 19th - Minimum Day dismissal
  • December 22-January 2 Winter Break

Happy Holidays to all!!